Cell Phones: Talking And Texting

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Cell phones: Talking and Texting With the vast majority of our country’s population using cell phones and with the advent of text messaging as a way of fast communication, people are able to communicate more easily than ever before. Cell phones are bridging communication gaps and allowing people to converse at any time instantly. However, using cell phones can be a health hazard and using them in certain situations illegal. Even with considering these concerns, text messaging has become exceptionally popular, especially with the younger generations, thus making the need for us to talk with one another almost obsolete. Talking on the phone has evolved over the years from speaking to an operator who will patch a call through to being able to dial a number on a touch screen and moments later a person is on the line. One person speaking to another on the telephone over long distances was quite the achievement. The phone has evolved into a wireless device that can be used almost anywhere on the planet. People are becoming aware of certain health hazards attributed with talking on a cell phone. The main concern is cancer. Holding a device that emits signals so close to the brain can lead to cancer. Many accidents occur from people talking on cell phones while driving. Talking on a cell phone can impair judgment and lead to vehicular accidents and deaths. To counteract these problems, laws have been created. In certain places or zones, a person cannot talk on a cell phone. If caught doing so, a fine and/or jail time can be used, depending on the severity of the situation. People use cell phones now more than ever before. Knowing these concerns, many people still talk on cell phones despite health risks and legal punishment. Texting has become extremely popular in our society today. It allows us to communicate with one another without speaking. This works well
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