Influence of Visual Media

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Influence of Visual Media Various forms of entertainment media has shaped American culture and its values because American has adopted various forms of entertainment as its own. It is what a large amount of people live by, live on, and need to function properly. Things such as the news is something that many people including myself depend on daily in order to keep up with for crime, news, weather, what is going on in other places and surrounding areas, what is going on in the community, and many more. With all the different types of visual forms of entertainment such as televisions, computers, tablets, and phones we can keep up with a mass of media, such as news, favorite television shows, news alerts, weather, and e-mails especially on the go. There are some people who are more immune to sitting home watching television versus taking a walk outside or reading a book. For families some families enjoy watching a movie together or going to a movie theater verses playing a family game or cooking a meal together. Vision entertainment has become a part of our everyday lives which to us seems like they are supposed to be there. Some family shows such as The Cosby Show, Family Matters, Braxton Family Values, Roseanne, and more shows values of modern families, rich families, and regular families, they send out messages that lets viewers know that every family has flaws but despite those flaws family still matters, family should be there at the end of the day, and family sticks together and comes first. Both negative and positive social influences have had visual entertainment. I say this because there are some shows, music videos, and other videos, that have negative influences on us. Some of those things I feel has the biggest impact on kids and teens because a lot of the stuff they see, and the people who is doing it they look at is as their role model or the fact that
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