Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism

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Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism History In 1938, German construction engineer, Konrad Zuse created the first computer, Z1. The computer was designed to calculate and work mathematical problems. As year passed, computers became electronically with significant improvements; its tasked slowly increased. Programs and software gave computers the capability to store digital data and assist people with daily tasks. Private businesses and government agencies were astonished with what computer could produce; they slowly utilized such technology, which lead them to become dependable its capabilities. In today society, the world revolves around computer and connection to the internet. Computer and access to the internet give people the ability to communicate with others through video, voice and or chat rooms. Pictures are shared daily through social media site and or emails. Business throughout the world utilized computers and the internet for their daily operation. Hackers Although computers and access to the internet are used daily to accomplish personal tasks and or for business operations, hackers use the technology for wrong doing. Max Ray Butler worked for the federal government as a computer consultant, but later turned into a computer criminal. He hacked into carder forum web sites where he stole credit card number, bought, sold and forced members to conduct their business through his own website, (, 2010, para 5). He was charged federally and sentenced in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to 13 years in federal prison for hacking into financial institutions and stealing credit card information (, 2010, para 1). His sentence included five years of supervised released and restitution to victims, a total amount of 27.5 millions, US dollars. Offenses such as Max Ray’s can sometimes easily generate a criminal

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