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Paper on Cyberbullying Texts(articles): Nina Lakhani: “One in five children is victim of cyberbullying” Aleks Krotski: “Hate and the Internet” Jan Hoffman: “Online Bullies Pull Schools Into the Fray” In the first text, we are introduced to an article describing the current situation in cyberbullying. The writer Nina Lakhani describes how cyberbullying has become an extremely viral phenomenon and how this type of teenage cruelty hasn’t been present until now due to the lack of technology. She explains why this is a serious threat to young people, due to the intensity of the bullying which is caused by the fact that teenagers are not able to isolate themselves from the bullying. Surveys have also concluded that the impact is much greater than with regular bullying because of how it can spread out to the rest of the world in however long it takes load a picture. Nina ends her article with three cases of cyberbullying causing the victim to commit suicide. The second text is an article written by a cyber-bully called Aleks Krotoski. Actually he was not as much of a cyber-bully as he was a teenager who enjoyed being antisocial on the internet. At least we are given to understand that not actually hate on someone because any racial or religious reasons. Either way he tells the story of how he discovered the internet and how he could simply hide behind his digital mask and saying things he probably wouldn’t have said if he was confronted with these people in real life. Aleks also talks about how religious and racist groups use the internet to recruit members and form a virtual weapon against anyone who doesn’t agree with their beliefs. Despite Aleks Krotoski uses the tools of relation for example his opening section: “I remember the first time I logged into a chatroom. It was 1996, and I was using my mum’s AOL account to mooch around the World Wide Web, which was

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