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Cyberbullying Argument Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on December 2, 2013
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Cyberbullying has become more and more prevalent on the internet over the past few years. Ever since the World Wide Web was created, people have been creating ways for everyone to talk to each other via the internet. Email was the first to be created and implemented. After that, the development of the instant messaging system was brought into focus. With it, people all over the world could send messages instantaneously in a little chat box. People started being able to call each other and talk through a camera that shot live video feed of themselves. With these new tools we are able to communicate as if the person were right in front of you.
    There are some problems with this new ability to communicate. Text does not convey emotions very well. You now have to assume what the expression and the pitch in a person’s voice are. It is very hard to tell if one is mad or sad or just being happy unless they are being very descriptive on how they feel. Many people can pretend to be a certain way as well. Anonymity on the internet is easy. It is hard to trace anyone back to where they are or who they are. Anyone can be whoever they want.
    Many people abuse the facelessness that everyone has while online. You can lead anyone to believe something that isn’t true. For all anyone knows you could be a famous celebrity but pose as a fifteen year old teenager or vice versa. It becomes difficult for us to figure out who is real and who is not. There is also the ability to take someone else’s identity and pretend to be them. Through this we get identity taken from us and information of ourselves gets leaked all over the web. Hacks and malicious codes are created to gather your personal information. Anything and
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everything can be exploited beyond your control.
    This is where cyberbullying comes in. Cyberbullying is bullying via the internet. Instead of getting harassed face to face with the person, you have this unknown identity poking at everything...

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