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IT550 Assignment Unit 1 Kaplan University As the digital age progresses, more and more business is conducted electronically. Symbiotically illegal activities of those that wish to prosper from security vulnerabilities will increase. Cybercrime can be motivated by a number of factors including terrorism. Cyberterrorism is any terrorist act that uses computers as the vehicle for their attack. Cyber terrorists can be motivated to target organizations that will result in the radical’s group to cause the most harm and/or receive the most attention for their party. Cyberterrorists use the internet to spread propaganda and enlist new members and use DoS/DDoS attacks to cause disruption to companies that represent actions against their belief’s (Vacca & Rudolph, 2011). Cyber terrorists can also steal information to be used for self-serving strategic purposes. Kostadinov (2012) makes the distinction between cybercrime and cyberterrorism in that the latter should resemble terrorist attacks via traditional methods but perpetrated virtually. Kostadinov goes on to note that most cyberterrorism actions are generally focused on website sabotage and email blasting. In order to prove that the network breach was a terrorist attack the company would need to provide electronic evidence of these types of information warfare. Information warfare is a term often used interchangeably with cyberterrorism but provides a deeper understanding in the shift of how data has become fundamental to society. As governments, companies and people shift to the use of digital information so have the methods used to attack (Gilmer, 2001). In order to combat this aspect of terrorism, the military have adopted computer forensics as part of their defenses (Vacca & Rudolph, 2011). Information warfare can be used to destroy data that can cause damage to a company’s reputation or

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