Nt2580 Chapter 3&5

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1-14-14 NT2580 Assignment 2 Chapter 3 & 5 QA’s 1) The main goal of cyberattack is to affect one or more IT assets. A. True 2) Which of the following best describes intellectual property? C. The Unique knowledge a business possesses 3) Which of the following terms best describes a person with very little skill. B. Script Kiddie 4) A(n) is a software tool that captures traffic as it travels across a network. Packet sniffer 5) Which type if attacks result in legitimate users not having access to a system resource? A. DoS 6) A SYN flood attack floods a target with invalid network packets. False 7) Which type of document defines unacceptable computer behavior? C. AUP 8) Which of the following steps can best protect your computer from worms? A. Installing anti-malware software 9) A wardialer is a legacy tool no longer in use. A. True 10) A dictionary attack is a simple attack that primarily relies on users making poor password choices. A.True 11) Which type of attack involves capturing data packets from a network and transmitting them later to produce an unauthorized effect? C. Replay 12) A(n) is any action that could damage an asset. Threat 13) A(n) is any weakness that makes it possible for a threat to cause harm to a computer or network. Vulnerability 14) Which type of malware is a self-contained program that replicates and sends copies of itself to other computers, generally across a network? A. Virus 15) Which group is responsible for responding to any reported cyber attack? B. IT security department 1) Access controls are policies are policies or procedures used to control access to certain items. A. True 2) Which answer best describes the authorization component of access control? D.

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