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Alnisa Crank Eng. 101 Professor Jatovsky July 27, 2015 Is Google Making Us Stupid? By Nicholas Carr Internet Friend Request/Confirm or Delete? Imagine waking up to find a dead cell phone dead, broken television, and disconnected internet? The instant entertainment, communication, and social media all gone, people’s lives would probably be destroyed. We are too reliant on technology and it’s becoming part of our lives. Computers and cell phones affect social interaction, interferes with family obligations, and shortens ones attention span. Although this “supersystem” provides us with the best entertainment and is always convenient, we should go into the outside world and do activities without the use of the internet. Instead of wasting valuable time browsing the web, try going to a fundraiser or book signing. The fundraiser can be an…show more content…
Even Carr admits when he reads books now, his “concentration often starts to drift after the first two or three pages” (150). It’s important to physically read a book, take a walk, or do something else that allows the mind a rest. We could take crochet lessons, collect coins, and learn a new language. The brain will be able to develop more rather than having a computer determine our hyperactivity. In the end technology will enslave all those who are addicted. Believe it or not artificial intelligence has already replaced our maps, clocks, printing press, and type writers, calculators, phones, TVs, and radios. Citizens now expect everything to be done immediately. No one’s capable of waiting anymore. The general public needs to stop living in the matrix and go back to reality. Works cited Carr, Nicholas. "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" (2008): n. pag. Rpt. in The Norton Reader. Ed. Linda Peterson, John Brereton, Joseph Bizup, Anne Fernald, and Melissa Goldthwaite. Shorter Thirteenth ed. New York: W.W. Norton, 2012. 150-58.

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