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Carmex: Leveraging Facebook for Market Research 1. Numerous advantages and disadvantages must be considered when collecting data through different sources. An online survey of a cross-section of Internet households is one way to accomplish this. By using this method, the opinions of many different people will be captured. Both users and nonusers of Carmex will potentially take the survey because Carmex will not know who they are sending the survey to. A disadvantage of this method is that many of the households will not respond because they do not care about taking a survey for Carmex. Thus, a lot of surveys will have to be sent out in order to receive the required amount of feedback. The other option discussed is an online survey of Carmex Facebook likers. An advantage of this is most of the feedback will come from devote Carmex users who want their opinion to be heard. They are already buying the product, so they might buy the new product when it comes out in the near future. A disadvantage is many Facebook users do not take the time to complete the surveys, or never even know when a new survey is posted to Carmex’s Facebook page. Also, the demographics of Facebook users may cause them to vote for a particular flavor and the opinion of others will not be sampled. 2. On a Facebook brand page, “engagement” and likes are two different key metrics. “Likes” are the number of people who like a particular brand’s Facebook page. This metric is important because it shows the size of the brand’s Facebook audience. An “engagement” on the other hand, is how active its Facebook audience is with Carmex. When a person who likes Carmex on Facebook posts a comment on Carmex’s Wall, likes its status, or replies to one of their posts, the engagement level increases. These two metrics measure how many Facebook users like the Carmex brand, and also how active theses

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