Negatives of Love Online

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Jena Saucier 3/5/2013 Negatives of Love Online In today’s society, more people are choosing to find love over the internet, whether it be a dating website or Facebook. There are many negative consequences to looking for love online. Such as no visual communication, false identities and how much time it takes up from one’s personal life. One reason why people shouldn’t find love online is because you never really know is on the other side of the screen. There have been cases where teens meet people over the internet and have an online relationship, but when they end up meeting it isn’t exactly who they thought it would be. Many males and females meet their online lover and come to find out that their lover is a rapist or kidnapper and things don’t quite workout for that individual. Another reason why online dating is a negative is that you have no visual communication. An individual can be any person they want to portray over the internet because the person on the other side of the screen will never see them; they will only know the person who’s made up because there is no visual communication. Having face to face communication is also good for one’s health. Visual communication helps with brain stimulation and social interaction. Lastly, time is another negative to online dating. A person can spend hours and hours online making false identities that they forget about the other necessities they need to tend to. Many people can skip meals and lose sleep because they get so caught up into it which can affect their health. They can also drift away from their family because online dating has consumed all of their daily activities. Although there many other negatives to online dating, these are just a couple to show the affects it has. If anyone does decide to find love online I hope he/she knows the consequences it can

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