Does Technology Help Cover?

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Modern technology, a great place to cover With the rapid development of society, modern technology has become one of the most dispensable parts in most people’s daily lives. It is no doubt that modern technology like cell phones and Internet have been widely put into use. We even cannot imagine a day without Internet and electronic devices. It is no exaggeration to say that modern technology has more or less “robbed” the daily lives of most people. Many people are addicted to texting and social networking like Facebook. Sherry Turkle, in her essay “Alone Together”, argues that the machine-mediated relationships might cause many problems between people. And more and more people are “playing themselves” online with different identities. People are even more alone after using modern technology. Kenji Yoshino, in his essay “Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights”, asserts that everyone covers, and people cover in order to be accepted by the mainstream. Many teenagers would rather text than talk on the cellphone. People avoid face-to-face or voice-to-voice contact in order to “cover”. On the one hand, modern technology can bring people countless convenience. On the other hand, these technologies can also boost covering described by Yoshino. And the reliance on the kind of technology described in “Alone Together” can provide the opportunities for people to cover themselves. The modern technologies like robot and cellphones do bring people great convenience. As Sherry Turkle claims, modern technologies like cellphones and robots might cause ethic issues. Sherry Turkle argues, “Some people are looking for robots to clean rugs and help with the laundry. Others hope for a mechanical bride.”(264) Actually, the benefits of robots can greatly overwhelm its negative effects. First and foremost, the robots can do much easy and physical

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