Teacher's Responsibilities and Boundaries

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Introduction This essay reviews the writer’s role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher within the practice environment. It is based on the five stages of the teaching and learning cycle identified by Gravells (2011) as ‘identifying needs, planning learning, enabling learning, assessing learning, and quality assurance and evaluation’. The process can start at any stage but learning occurs if ‘all stages’ of the teaching/learning cycle are followed (Gravells, 2011). Identifying needs The learners have individual needs; which include social, physical, intellectual, cultural and emotional aspects (NMC, 2008). Gravells (2011) suggests that the teacher’s role involves carrying out ‘initial assessments’, this is important for identifying the learner’s level of ability. The responsibility involved is referring learners to appropriate departments according to individual needs. In the writer’s work initial assessments are important in identifying risk factors which may impact on course participation. Participants complete health screening questionnaires three weeks before and on the day of the course, concerns are referred to occupational health department. An important boundary for this role is handling health screening information within parameters of confidentiality according to the Data Protection Act (1998) requirements. Planning learning According to Gravells (2011) the teacher’s role in planning learning includes formulating lesson plans; this provides direction and enables the teacher to identify appropriate teaching materials and activities ahead of time. The teacher has responsibility to follow the syllabus to meet the organisational expectations. Preparing a safe learning environment, for example using a suitable room, makes learning possible by minimising distractions. Within area of work the writer uses the gym for physical activities training and
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