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B-TEC Health and Social Care Level 3 Year One. Unit 6 – Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care Unit Booklet 2011-2012 Student Name:______________________________ Please Note: You must keep this booklet safe. It is a requirement that, at the end of the unit, you will submit this booklet as evidence of your learning. A second copy of this booklet will not be given so if you lose it you must reprint it at your own expense and complete every section again. Contents Page 3 – Section 1 - Breakdown of the Unit Page 5 – Section 2 - Assignment Briefs, Rules and Deadline Dates Page 6 - Section 3 - Grade Tracking Sheet Page 7 – Section 4 - Tutor Information Page 8 – Section 5 - Lesson Materials Page 9 - 1: What is learning and lets find more out about your abilities. Page 21 - 2: How do we improve you? Action Plans and Reflective Practice. Page 33 - 3: Health and Social Care Organisations and their careers. Page 39 – 4: Evaluation Page 41 – Section 6 - Feedback sheets. Page 43 – Section 7 - Declaration that this is your own work (needs signing before final submission. Section 1 - Breakdown of the Unit Aim and purpose The first aim of this unit is to show you what processes are involved in learning. The second aim is to teach you how to take control of your development and learn how to plan, execute, monitor and reflect on it. Learning outcomes By completing this unit you should be able to demonstrate the following: • Understand the learning process • Be able to plan for and monitor own professional development • Be able to reflect on own development over time • Know service provision in the health or social care sectors.
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