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This reflective essay will discuss a role play activity within an education setting in which I participated in as the narrator and the Ward manager in the Accident emergency unit. This reflection will be centred on a multidisciplinary team (MDT) meeting. The aim of this reflection is to critically reflect on the case scenario activity, as well as to identifying my further learning needs that will provide evidence based care in the further. In order to structure this reflection I have chosen to use Driscoll’s model (driscoll, 2000). Any names that are used will be changed to maintain confidentiality in line with the, Nursing and Midwifery Council code of practise (NMC, 2008). According to the Department of health (2013) MDT meetings should…show more content…
As being the narrator and ward manager one of my role was to provide background information on Miss X health condition, because of nerves I forgot to introduce the case scenario, this should had been important to the group and I felt that maybe the group should of prompted me by asking if I could give an briefing as to why the MDT meeting was called, this would have been significant within a real case MDT meeting as As the ward manager I felt I never had much input on Miss X discharge planning, however to be able to understand leadership within an MDT meeting, (ref) suggests there are three styles related to the person who leads the meeting for example medic-led, Nurse-led and Allied health professional-led. A Nurse-led is suggested to have strengths of recognised leadership and authority, good knowledge of social issues and taking into account views of patient and carers, this point could be considered that the NMC (2008) states all nurses must act as an advocate for those in their care, helping them to access relevant health and social care, information and

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