Rn Day Delegation and Planning

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Planning and delegating nursing care efficiently and effectively is an essential skill for all registered nurses to develop and master. The nursing process will assist the registered nurse to effectively plan and implement nursing interventions as well as to appropriately delegate nursing interventions to co-workers. Additionally, following the professional standards for nurses will assist in safely managing a patient load. Equally important is the use of communication. Effective communication is essential to ensure patient safety and positive outcomes, as is effective communication between nurses and the multidisciplinary team.

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Planning and delegating nursing care is a skill all registered nurses should learn and become proficient in. The nursing process is an efficient method for registered nurses to use to collaboratively plan and delegate nursing interventions to provide a positive patient experience and outcome. Through the use of the nursing process all professional standards can be adhered to and patient care can be safely tended to. This essay will discuss planning and delegation of a nursing shift. The registered nurse has responsibility for delegating nursing intervention and remains accountable for those interventions delegated. Appropriate delegation will occur when the registered nurse is aware of professional standards and individual scope of practice of their co-workers. Additionally, the paper will highlight critical thinking and decision making which are important attributes the registered nurse will need to develop along with the ability to provide a suitable handover to appropriately delegate nursing

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