Outline The Roles, Responsibilities And Boundaries In Research

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This document is to review and outline some of the roles, responsibilities and boundaries in my experience as a tutor, trainer and practitioner, within teaching in terms of the training cycle. The teaching cycle helps us to organise what is going to be taught in the lesson and how is going to be taught and it is divided into five main categories; identify needs, plan and design, deliver/facilitate, assess, evaluate. In 1987 Neil Fleming individualised different approaches to study skills and suggested VAK as a definition which categorise three types of learners and therefore three types of learning styles; the Visual learner which prefers to learn through seeing, the Aural learner which prefers listening and discussing and the Kinaesthetic learner which prefers a more to-do approach. We plan the lesson at the planning stage, considering the different types of learners and need that we will be encountering and therefore preparing…show more content…
Another role is to evaluate the tutor's own teaching and revise learning plans if necessary. In terms of boundaries, the tutor should receive an introduction at the place of work and with that some outlines within the organisation's expectations in regards to role and responsibilities of a tutor as well as a feel of the organisation's ethos. It is however important to know how far to take the role of tutor and when is appropriate to refer a student to a different professional or bodies like the learning support team for diversity or disabilities issues. A tutor must remember to act within the syllabus and in relation with what he or she is teaching and not beyond the course, maintaining either professional as well as personal boundaries and always keeping in mind confidentiality, following the requirement expected within the
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