Rttls Unit 1 Assignment

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Unit one in this class first involved the class picking values we thought were important to make a caring learning environment. As we shared our reasons for picking the values on a discussion board, the class was involved in cooperative learning. In other words, we helped others evaluate their own values by providing input and suggestions. In this way, I believe this section in particular of Unit one and the discussion boards in general addressed our continuing professional development: TPE 13. Another aspect of Unit one was identifying and categorizing our intelligences. By taking a survey on Multiple Intelligences and then reflecting in writing about such a survey, the class was able to first recognize that each student has different strengths…show more content…
Although the theories of Piaget, Vygotsky, Erikson, and Kohlberg are relatively abstract, we had to find ways to put them into practice in our teaching. I believe this unit also addressed the same TPEs as the second part of Unit one, going from theory to practice and synthesizing our knowledge about students in general to guide our specific teaching practices. The second part of this unit involved learning how socially developed ways of thinking about race can inform teaching. This learning was specifically related to TPE 11, “Social Environment,” in which teacher candidates must create a positive learning environment including fairness, respect, and caring. During Unit 3, the class explored students with exceptional needs, such as students with learning disabilities who have an IEP. One of the most important parts of this unit was the field report, in which we had to describe and analyze teaching practices for students with an IEP. By having us adapt a content standard for the student we observed, we were able to address TPE 9, “Instructional Planning.” TPE 9 in particular deals with differentiated instruction, which is what we specifically observed and wrote
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