Promoting Positive Behaviour

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Assignment - Module ES537 Classroom Mediation Skills 2010-2011 Introduction My chosen topic for this assignment is “Behaviour for Learning – promoting a positive classroom climate for learning”. I have chosen this as my subject firstly because I truly believe that a properly established classroom environment facilitates and encourages participative learning through understanding and motivation. The classroom can be modelled into a centre of learning and development by the introduction of critical elements that promote Teacher and Pupil interaction and develop respect and understanding of individual objectives. The following are examples of characteristics I believe to be necessary for the development of such a climate where behaviour for learning is the focus of all. 1) Establish rules for the Group that create an atmosphere for learning and address issues before they develop. 2) Help the group to understand standards and expectations. 3) Help to develop teacher/pupil relations based on respect. 4) Encourages interactive participation for greater understanding and exploration. 5) Assists teacher to determine group pace and plan modular stage for course completion. 6) Facilitates group measurement and identification of special cases. 7) Facilitates necessary corrective actions and progress monitoring. 8) Allows for clear identification of group norms and exceptions. Relating this to my time as a student and my experience in the classroom, I can outline two contrasting examples that will illustrate my view. It was during my time at secondary school that I encountered the most dramatic and influential experience in classroom approach and although exposed to a wide variety of subject matter and teaching styles, I was particularly impressed and influenced by the example demonstrated by one of my teachers. Although I didn’t
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