Swot Analysis of Sandwich Blitz

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Kaplan University MT 140 Introduction to Management July 20, 2014 Unit 3 Assignment Sandwich Blitz, Inc. is a small specialty sandwich shop chain operating eight freestanding sandwich and beverage shops that cater to upscale breakfast and lunch customers located near three universities, one hospital, and four high-traffic office complexes in the metropolitan area. Specializing in organically grown food ingredients and health-conscious beverages. Strengths: Low start up costs, freestanding prefabricated building with negotiated low costs on small parcels of land unsuitable for most commercial purposes. Market Niche, healthy foods options that are organically grown. Locations near target demographics, high volume business areas, hospitals and universities. Quality, consistent ingredients, recipes and preparation techniques. Healthy food and beverage choices Different choices vs. competitors Private brand, ingredients important enough to protect them from potential competitors. Central training for all employees, to help ensure consistent practices and customer service. Weaknesses: Limited space for customers: smaller land parcels and prefabricated building offer limits customer seating Only serving breakfast and lunch, missing out on a large sale potential for the dinner crowd. Higher cost for organic foods, Cost/Pricing, smaller companies tend to have less wholesale buying power, which could translate, to higher costs for customers Prefabricated buildings, catering to an upscale demographic in what may be seen as impoverished buildings. Opportunities: Catering possibilities, office meetings, school events, banquets, holidays, and birthdays. Increasing demand for healthier food, people are trying to be more health conscious about what they eat. Adept menu to current trends, since the menu is healthy based, its easy to adapt or change

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