Nur 335: The Elderly And Nutrition

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Running Head: THE ELDERLY AND NUTRITION The Elderly and Nutrition Ryan Cox Barton College NUR 335: Research Paper Mrs. Peele November 13, 2012 Introduction Health is very important to a person’s quality of life. People are focusing on their health more and more in these health conscious times currently in the United States. As people focus more on their health, they are paying more attention to their dietary needs. It’s important to note that as humans age degenerative diseases can occur because of a poor diet or lack of vitamins and minerals. The most common diseases affecting older people--cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer—are all related to dietary factors. Bone Health…show more content…
Since taste declines with age older adults tend to use more salt when it comes to cooking and adding them too foods before consuming them, certain foods but not limited to eggs, popcorn, and green beans. This sodium consumption increase is one of the causes of the reason hypertension increases as we get older. to keep their sodium intake low since as we age sensitive to sodium tends to increase. Hypertension refers to high blood pressure. Studies show that as people age they lose taste buds and saltiness is the first to go. It is recommended my American Heart Association to not exceed 3,000 mg of salt per day.…show more content…
Its suggested that older adults should not eat alone because eating with others increases the chances of eating healthier since one is more likely to have an enjoyable meal in a social atmosphere. However, the elderly can sometimes find it hard to do this expecially if they live alone. For those that live alone some tips would include setting up times to eat with family members, friends, or neighbors. One could also, involve themselves with senior meal programs and or adult day care centers. Staying on Track In order for the elderly too successfully stay on track when it comes to reaching their recommended nutrition needs there are several ways. The person could ask for help. Ask people with more knowledge than you such as a nutritionist or maybe just family too help you shop or structure out a meal plan. The elderly should also focus on breaking bad habits. Break bad habits such as watching TV. By watching TV people often are found to not pay attention to the exact foods they are eating because they become distracted so instead they could try setting a table. Finally, the elderly should eat a variety of foods so they avoid boredom. Not only would the person avoid boredom

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