Suspension And Expulsion

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Suspension and Expulsion are not of use to improve our schools! Suspensions and expulsions are both disciplines that are given to students for their disruptive behaviors and actions. Even our own principal in our school disagrees; suspension and expulsion should be used. (Dale) Suspension and expulsion are not the solution to the problem because too much of these two can lead to dropout rates, it causes negative behavior to students, suspension and expulsion can stop future crimes and learn from their actions and students are not learning properly and not gaining any benefit from their education. Suspension and expulsion is not an effective tool and solution in our schools because it can lead to dropout rates and other violent crimes in the future. If a student commits a crime and the crime is not considered to be threatening, it is most likely that the principal or teacher may suspend that student. To the student suspension is a good thing for them since they have to just stay at home and do nothing. When students get expelled or suspended so many times, it seems normal to them, so they would not feel the consequences of the discipline and the purpose of it. Dropout rates and other violent crimes may contribute from continuous suspension and expulsion. “Just imagine if a student just committed a crime for example, doing graffiti on the lockers. Then the student is sent to the principal tells the student that their suspended. The student will now feel very sad and happy at the same time because they just got suspended. This can ruin his life and at the same time, the students could dropout from school and do whatever they like.”(Dale) When students get expelled from schools, there would be no hope for them and they would no longer care about their education and their future goals. “The Soros Foundation suggests that the likehood of students becoming

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