Billiam Vs In School Suspension Research Paper

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Billiam vs. In-School Suspension It is 10:45 on a Tuesday morning at Meigs County High School and the morning announcements have just been read over the school’s intercom system. “For lunch today we will be having fish squares”, the person making the announcements says with a booming voice. In a classroom down the hall, Cayci and Nina look at each other and decide they will go out for lunch today, ignoring the rule that the school has about students not being allowed to leave school without permission. Cayci and Nina are aware of this rule; however they know the punishment for getting caught is to serve three days of in-school suspension. They also know that in-school suspension usually consists of the students taking naps and watching movies.…show more content…
If schools adopt this new form of punishment, students will become more respectful of the rule set in place by the school about leaving campus. At schools where the measure has already been adopted; students are leaving without permission less and less. The effectiveness of billiam vs. in-school suspension has no comparison. The difference that the alternative punishment makes is very clear to not only school officials, but to students as well. In order to cut down on the number of students who leave school without permission, schools should do away with their inadequate in-school suspension policy, and adopt the new alternative policy known as billiam. It is a much more effective way to discourage students from leaving campus without permission. Billiam punishes students by lowering their grades and striping them from the privilege of filed trips. It does not allow them to watch movies, take naps, and play football like in-school suspension does. It is real punishment for a real problem. As for now, Cayci and Nina will continue to enjoy their lunches out, because they know naptime awaits them back at school…IF they are

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