Class Vandalism Essay

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Class Vandalism A problem is occurring in countless schools all throughout the United States – vandalism. Vandalism is a national problem that is increasing at an alarming rate. Over one half of all the crimes associated with vandalism take place in high schools. At my high school there are cases of these thoughtless crimes, but more specifically in my chemistry class. My teacher, Mrs. Hamak, has dealt with cases of vandalism recently. The gas sprockets in her classroom have been clogged with pencil leads, papers, and tiny foreign objects. What does this tell you about some of today’s generation? It tells us that some of the future members of our society are exhibiting idiotically pernicious behavior. I feel that these unknown individuals need to grow up. If a person simply cannot respect their own learning environment then why even attend school? They only serve to ruin our school and provide our school with supererogatory infamy. Most importantly, what leads these teenagers to commit such inane actions that only assist in sabotaging the beauty and functionality of our school and its equipment? In my personal opinion, it’s their own immaturity and utter lack of respect for the school and themselves. As a class, and as a school, I believe that these delinquents should be brought down with the most self-reflective castigations. I do not believe we should ostracize these miscreants, but instead allow them to realize their own misdeeds and to hopefully become a more self-aware and proactive human

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