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Whether it be a mixture of television or the household we were brought in, most girls that I grew up with are subconsciously convinced that their life holds the sole purpose of being a stay at home mom. Although going to college for an “MRS degree” is a joke, it’s usually laughed about because it holds some truth. Of course I agree that being a mother is one of the most important jobs in the world. But, I think a mother’s goal should be to mold her daughter into a woman who knows her own worth. That at the end of the day, if necessary, she could be self-sufficient and achieve her greatest potential. Woman received the right to vote in 1920, Hilary Clinton is a strong candidate for president, Alice and Helen Walton of Walmart topped the Forbes list of most profitable entrepreneurs, but those woman seem in a distant universe compared to many of the woman I see on a daily basis, the ones who go to great colleges, who are brilliant, but somehow decide that being a full-time mother is best. But my personal experience has been different, and for most of my childhood I resented that it was different. That changed last year. My entire childhood I was ashamed of the fact that if I left my lunch at home my mom couldn’t bring it back. In middle school, I would run to the bus so that none of my friends would know my mom wasn’t picking me up in the circle drive. It wasn’t until last year when my parents got divorced that I realized had my mom not been at work all those years, my entire life would have been turned upside down. As selfish as it sounds, I have never been so grateful that my mom decided not to let her education go to waste but to realize her full potential in the marketplace. Because I was raised by a mother who was a professional, I was raised in an environment where education was always something that lasted beyond high school, college, graduate school,

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