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Application Project 1 Running Head: Application Project Five Application Project Five, Interview Essay Shunda R. Howard Introduction To Sociology Dr. Donna Abrams May 9, 2009 Application Project 2 Application Project Five, Interview essay My life has been filled with people from whom I've…show more content…
They did a lot of moving around, from having to live with relatives to living in government housing. Viola always dreamt of a better life not only for herself, but also for her mother and her siblings. She shared thoughts that if she were to ever be blessed financially, she was going to be a blessing to others (personal communication, May 6, 2009). Well, her opportunity to be a blessing came a few years after she married her husband who is a successful doctor. This has placed Viola in the upper middle class of society, where she no longer has to worry about finances, has both of her children in private schools, and has even purchased a home for her mother. At one point, she questioned whether she was deserving of such fortune, because she just didn't think she worthy (personal communication, May 6, 2009). Nonetheless, she and her husband are grateful for their status in society and do not take any of their "blessings" for granted. Our family friend Renee is a 49 year old biracial woman, who's mother is White and father is African American. She was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and has pretty much lived there all of her life. On the surface,

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