Short Biography: Jewell Inabinette

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Jewell A. Inabinette II Mrs. Glenn Orientation Class 28 March 2012 Marilyn Pough Inabinette Marilyn Pough was born June 1, 1966 in North, S.C. She is the daughter of the late John Henry and Almeta Pough. She has seven siblings. She attended Dover Elementary School then matriculated to North High School where she was Homecoming Queen. While in high school she met one of the star athletes. His name was Jewell Inabinette. They became great friends and later on began to date. Marilyn graduated and went on to go to Morris College. She majored in Business Management. After graduating from Morris she worked for Probation and Parole here in Orangeburg, S.C. During her time there she was still dating Jewell. On October 27, 1990 they jumped the broom. In 1991 she bared her first child, Auju’ Inabinette. In 1993 she bared her second child, Jewell Inabinette II.…show more content…
Marilyn came from the part of North that we like to call the “bottom”. She showed me that just because you live in the hood doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to become something positive in life. Marilyn is a success as a mother and wife. She is a successful woman because she was determined to do whatever it takes to make it out of the ghetto. My mom is the first in her family to have children to go to college. I feel that that is a huge accomplishment because most parents most parents don’t instill in their kids that college is important, but I’m glad my mom

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