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Adam & Eve Not Adam & Steve According to ‘dictionary.com’ marriage is ‘the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments and religious ceremonies’, so where do gay couples get the idea from that they should have the right to be legally wed? 7 Homosexuals are very fond of claiming that they are entitled to ‘gay rights’ and are ‘treated unfairly’, and to a certain degree I agree with this; I do believe that they have the right to be with and love whoever they wish without being judged, and that they are treated like a completely different species by homophobes. However, who are they to say that they are treated unfairly when it comes to martial laws? They have the exact same rights as heterosexuals; to marry a member of the opposite sex if they choose, but not the same sex - I can’t marry a member of my own sex even if I wanted to, and you don’t see me or the majority of the worlds’ population kicking up a fuss about that. So basically what the gay community are suggesting is not ‘equal rights’ but ‘extra rights’, which leads me smoothly onto my next point. If the government hit their head and in the state of concussion decide to make same sex marriage legal, it would only be fair to make acceptances for other forms of banned marriages, marriages of which are considered incest, bigamy, and under aged. There’s reason we have restrictions placed upon marriage, those mainly being to keep up traditions and to protect the well being of our society. For instance, I’m pretty sure allowing 13 year old love birds to get married wouldn’t contribute to lowering the divorce rate, or condoning brothers and sisters to be wed and fill our country with their disabled offspring is such a good idea. I have come across no compelling reasons that would suggest homosexual marriages are to the well-being of
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