The Right To Be Equal

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The Right to be Equal Imagine not reaping the benefits of marrying a loved one or getting turned down at a job interview not because of your resume but because of your sexual orientation. Imagine living a lie to make others happy and disguising yourself to be the ideal human being in the eyes of society, all because being a homosexual is different. Although rights for homosexuals have improved a great deal, the gay community is often still frowned upon and lacks equality. Homosexual lifestyles need to continue to be recognized and offered the same rights as heterosexuals. All people deserve the right to life, liberty and happiness, regardless of their sexual orientation. The intolerance and inequality against the gay community must be addressed. For many years, homosexuality was considered a taboo subject. Everyone knew that this lifestyle existed; yet no one wanted to talk about it. Though not completely tolerated nor accepted, society today has familiarized itself with the idea of same sex relationships. In order to become more at ease, however, homosexuals had to endure a series of events such as the Stone Wall Riots, discrimination in groups and clubs, and personal hate geared towards the gay community. Homosexuals have gone through years of being ridiculed and discriminated against. Perhaps the most memorable and eye opening event in the history of the gay and lesbian community were the Stone Wall Riots. Prior to 1965, gay and lesbian bars were subject to constant raids in cities across the United States. The raids were often brutal and violent. Police would use any type of justification to arrest people attending the clubs, charging them with indecency for kissing, dancing with one another, holding hands, cross dressing or even just being at the bar. The police felt especially threatened by the lesbian community. During that time

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