Social Media's Effects on Young People

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Social Media's Effects On Young People In this essay I shall evaluate social media effects on young people. Social media has many communicate platforms that use for interaction with other people and obtaining information. Statistics shows that 751 million users access Facebook from mobile with 7000 different devices and there are over 288 million monthly active users on twitter in the world (Social Media Stats and Facts for 2013 | Social Media Today. Retrieved from Although social media is thought as beneficial, it has three negative effects and can be dangerous for young people. Wasting of time, reading misinformation and health problems are the most important adverse impacts of social media. Firstly, one of the most obvious negative effects is spending much time with social media. Young people want to be informed about their environment. For this reason, via social media, they follow their friends and some famous people. Young people like following celebrities. While are following them, they become addicted. Thus, these young people are less successful than people who follow few social media sites. Consequently, social media can cause time wasting. Secondly, social media provides much misinformation, which easily reaches young people. If people believe this misinformation, problems occur as with the Gezi Parkı protest. As a result of demonstrations, the country’s economy was compromised. “On 3 June, Istanbul's stock exchange experienced a loss of 10.5% in a single day—the drop was "the biggest one-day loss in a decade. The fall of BIST 100 index was the sharpest since August 2011, and the yield on two-year lira bonds rose 71 basis points to 6.78 percent, the biggest jump since 2005.Turkish central bank had to auction out and buy Turkish lira’s in order to keep the exchange rate going.” (Bülent, G. (2013, 06 13). 2013 protests in
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