Technology's Otherside (Outline)

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Synthesis Outline Main Idea Technology is becoming more and more hazardous to our (users) health and is almost as addictive as any street drug today, depriving us of a proper social life. Thesis As it is becoming more and more advanced technology is also becoming more hazardous to people’s health, especially our children, and though some of us technophobes might hate to admit it, it has also become so addictive we don’t even realize we are depriving ourselves of a proper social life and intelligence. Support a. Technology is dangerous because….. It’s hazardous to health i. Studies showing link between cell phones and tumor growth ii. Microwaves emitted from cell phones penetrate children’s mind deeply iii. Advice from different authority b. Technology is dangerous because….. It’s Addictive i. The use of cell phone use have grown greatly over the years ii. ‘Employees becoming addicted to technological devices used in the work place, may end up suing employers,’ says Douglas Schweitzer. c. Technology is dangerous because….. people deprived socially and intellectually i. We become so consumed in our devices we forget and sometimes lack the realization for human contact. ii. Children lacking in their English skills, as a result of online chatting and texting according to Jacquie Ream. Conclusion Overall Technology does bring efficiency and convenience to our lives how ever if we do not moderate the way we use them they can become a source of deprivation to some of the most essential things in life. Technology can be very hazardous and dangerous. It sometimes leaves people deprived socially and intellectually. Many often become so consumed and indulged into the world’s vast array of technological devices that we sometimes forget and lack the realization for human contact. In today’s schools according to
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