Children Under 18 Should Not Have Facebook

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Children Under 18 Should Not Have Facebook Children under the age of 18 should not be allowed to have a Facebook account. When signing up for Facebook, dodging the age limit is easily done; just fake your date of birth for an older one. Facebook causes large amounts of trouble to any young person using it. As a result of having a Facebook account there is a possibility of becoming seriously cyber bullied. In addition there is the danger of exposure to online predators. Facebook is a dangerous network site and taking the risk of using it will cause you harm in one way or another. The biggest risk to children using social networking sites comes from their own peers and from their own behaviour. The most pressing issue on Facebook is the cyber bullying and online harassment. According to Consumer Reports study, over one million children had been bullied online via Facebook in the past year. Being bullied causes major trauma like depression, stress, eating disorders, anxiety and in extreme cases it can even lead to suicide. Facebook is tied very much to many young people’s social standing and self-esteem. More than 5 million children of the age 10 and under are using Facebook without parental supervision. This leaves them openly vulnerable to a large extent of threats varying from sexual predators to identity theft to malicious software (malware). Online victimizations of minors include unwanted exposure to sexual material, online harassment and threats, child grooming, invitations to participate in sexual activities or chat rooms and agitated communications that differs from sexual nature but still results in the causing of stress or the feeling of fear or embarrassment. It is highly unlikely that a child of that age would have neither the skills nor the patience to go through the existing maze of settings to be able to make their Facebook account private

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