Essay On Racial Discrimination

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It has been 64 years since the case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka was passed. Though the obstacle resulted positively and the accomplishment has been recognized, discrimination problems seem to still be encouraged amongst students, and students from different ethnicities seem to stick together. Mostly these “cliques” are staying within their own nationality. Although segregation has ended, it is still seen within the school grounds. Discrimination in school can be eliminated if the curriculum was designed to teach racial acceptance rather than diversity. So what happened 64 years ago? In an Article by Alex McBride, “Brown v. Board of Education (1954)” he explained about a case where a parent by the name Oliver Brown, fought…show more content…
Ethnic discrimination is a problem that affects people easily and can be found on social media. Social media has been promoted as a positive opportunity, “but locally and in actual practice, the role of the media is less positive. It has frequently been documented that ethnicism and racism are exacerbated by at least some of the media, as well as by the political, and social elites that control them or have preferential access to them”(Van Dijk, 1991,1993). Ethnicity discrimination on the media has been to the point where people who read it and are affected, usually the minority groups, are not able to do anything about it. “Conservative and popular press especially indulges in sometimes blatant ‘foreigner bashing’ and reproduction and affirmation of racial prejudice” (Van Dijk, 1999). There are individuals out there who use social media to their advantage by spreading their biased ethnic discriminatory beliefs. The individuals who usually have this power are the social elites and political leaders. Social media has been a community with an aim to communicate with others but to promote and influence ideas to the audience (Umi Digital, 2013). Ethnicity discrimination continues to spread in different conventions and an aim to end this is

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