Dangers Young Adults Face.

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Becoming a young adult is an exciting yet challenging time in an adolescent’s life. He or she is given more responsibilities and are more accountable for their actions. Along with this new sense of responsibility comes more freedom, and the ability to act more so on their own terms. This is a whole new stage of life presented with more opportunities. However, there lies a new set of dangers that come with this age, specifically due to the naivety of young adults. One danger that thrives off naive young adults is the internet. A majority of them give out personal information without thinking about who is going to be reading or looking at it. This information can be used for many things. It could be used by online predators to contact the teenager. The information normally given out includes cell phone numbers, city or state of residence, and even sometimes a direct address. Most social networking sites require this type of information to create an account. Approximately 1 in 25 youths receive an offline sexual solicitation, either from text messages, calls, or personal contact. Privacy is slowly corroding, and all this information can be obtained from any social networking site. Young adults who are struggling to find themselves can face some level of identity crisis. He or she may become involved in drugs or criminal behavior, which could result in negative circumstances. Many young adults find themselves in possession of an identity characterized by these rebellious behaviors. They claim to be non-conformist to show that they're different from their peers. Involvement in gang violence is a significant danger. Young adults who cannot find their own individuality may conclude that finding identity in violent gangs is their only solution. A gang entices these "lost" young adults with promises of acceptance and purpose. Gang leaders offer guidance for those young
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