Why Is It Important to Delete Cyberbullying

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Lately, there have been many news stories about young adults who have committed suicide due to cyberbullying. In today’s society, the internet has become very common and it plays a major role in teenagers’ lives. They can shop, express their thoughts, and even make new friends online. It is also important to note how easy it is to distribute information across the internet in very little time. While there are positive outcomes of the internet, there still exist dangerous aspects to it, such as bullying. Most people may associate bullying with images of a teenager getting slammed into a locker, or getting their lunch money stolen. People may also think that it extends to name calling, teasing, and insults. Bullying has existed for a long time, with some adults thinking that it is a normal part of growing up, that teaches young adults to toughen up and have a thick skin, thinking this will help when they become adults. However, with the advancement in technology and its wide use, a new type of bullying has developed, cyberbullying, which is when a person uses technology and/or electronic devices to bully another person, typically by sending messages or posting comments of an intimidating or threatening nature. What makes cyber-bullying much more dangerous than regular bullying is that because if it on the internet, it will stay there for a long time and for everyone to see. What’s worse, is that the bully can easily hide under a different name or profile, making it harder to find out who is responsible in terms of facing consequences. It is very important to delete cyberbullying because when teenagers begin to abuse the convenience of the internet to harass others, it creates a very dangerous environment that extends outside the classroom or school. When someone is being harassed or embarrassed online, it reaches far outside of their world, and strangers all

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