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Modest Proposal Cyber bullying is an issue seen nationwide that is dangerously overlooked. Cyber bullying takes place over social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and over text messaging. Bullies are known to go after a group or person with “lower power”. There has been a rise in cyber bullying over the past few years and not nearly enough precautions are being taken to prevent this issue. Cyber bullying is legally defined as actions that use information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group that is intended to harm another or others. Many bullies and witnesses don’t know how severe the effects of cyber bullying can be. People who are cyber bullied often bring harm upon themselves by cutting themselves, or even killing themselves. Studies show that over half of teens have been bullied online, and about the same number have engaged in cyber bullying. Bullying is shown in all races. 1 in 10 teens do not tell a parent about cyber bullying and fewer than 1 in 5 incidents have been reported to law enforcement. It is also observed that more boys are more likely to be threatened or take part in cyber bullying than girls. 95% of social media-using teens who…show more content…
Society may say that having a person’s limbs ripped off is cruel, but so is cyber bullying. The population would prefer a more non-violent approach to this issue such as, seminars to make parents teachers and children more aware. When it comes to handling bullying, America is all talk. The Americans say that we live in a nonviolent world, yet we promote this kind of violence by showing it in television shows and movies. Each state in America has different laws and punishments with cyber bullying; some states don’t even have laws for cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is frowned upon, but no actions are being taken to stop this

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