Pros & Cons of Social Networking

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Social Networking: The Pros & Cons In today’s society the use of technology is commonly seen. Utilization of social networks is frequently seen everywhere, even businesses are advertising on websites like Facebook and Twitter. People are actually beginning to put their screen names on their business cards, which is a step forward in the right direction. But what happens when children and teens start abusing their computer privileges, and a parent ends up seeing their child doing inappropriate acts on Twitter. True, social networks can be a great asset in life but what happens when this tool is abused. Before even thinking about signing up for a social network everyone should know that the person you’re talking to is a human being and proper etiquette should be upheld. A commonly seen effect from abuse of social networks is cyber bullying. If there was a list of horrible acts that you shouldn’t even think about committing cyber bullying would be in the top 100 if not the top 10. Many teens are the victims as well as the culprits. When they begin posting hurtful notes they don’t stop and think, “Wait this person might have serious personal problems” or “Hey, what if they sent his message to me?” Most adolescents disregard the fact that there is another person on the other side of the message and they have feelings just like any other person. Research shows that many cases of cyber bullying lead to suicide or depression in teenagers. If parents monitor their child’s activities on the computer, rates for suicide and depression would see a steady decline. Another way children abuse their privileges by lying about their age to get access to social websites. A perfect example is MySpace, the once glamorous now failing social network. To have an account with MySpace you were required to be at least 16 years old and you needed to have an e-mail account(Most e-mail

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