AJS 582: Cyber Bullying Policy Process

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Cyber Bullying Policy Process AJS/582 May 1, 2013 Dr. Barry S. McCrary Cyber Bullying Policy Process According to the dictionary of Criminal Justice crime is defined as “an act committed or omitted in violation of a law forbidding or commanding it, for which the possible penalties upon conviction for an adult include incarceration for which a corporation can be penalized by fine or forfeit, or for which a juvenile can be adjudged delinquent or transferred to criminal court for prosecution.” Cyber Bullying happens on many of the most common places online activity occurs. This includes blogging on places like My Space or Facebook but is also common in chat instant messaging, emails, and message boards. Cyber Bullying affects anyone involved mainly middle and high school adolescents driving many to depression. Cyber Bullying have driving many to suicide. Bullying has led to suicides all across the world. Current Policies for Cyber Bullying…show more content…
Cyber Bullying is a current issue in many Middle and High Schools. The government has placed laws to protect the adolescents from the vicious torment and ridicule. The current policy for bullying within the State Laws include: teasing, social exclusion, threats, intimidation, stalking, physical violence theft, and sexual, religious harassment constitute as Bullying and is protected under the “Jeffery Johnston Stand Up for all Students Act.” The current policies for Cyber Bullying within the Federal Law include: Although no Federal Law directly addresses bullying. Civil Rights Laws enforced such as US Department and Department of Justice to protect adolescent bullying discriminatory harassment when it is based on race, national origin, color, sex, age, disability or

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