Socf111 Foundations Of Communication And Counselling

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SOCF111 Foundations of Communication and Counselling Assessment 1: Practical Skills Application and Brief Reflective Log Name: Chloe Hodgson Student Number: 242866 Word Count: 1187 Communication skills are essential to everyday life, not only in a professional sense, but also in relationships with friends, family and loved ones. This assignment reflects on the different types of communication skills, and ways to achieve the best outcomes in certain situations. In session 3, we were asked to practise using various active listening skills in an interaction with someone. I decided to employ these communication skills when my partner’s mother when she started speaking to me about the painful divorce she is currently going through, whilst…show more content…
* Emotional- made me nervous, anxious and sad. * Behavioural- made me shy and withdrawn at the party | “These people will like you, because you are a good person, and are likeable”. | On the way to my first day of university, the inner critic told me that I “wasn’t going to do well in my studies, so why bother starting?” | * Cognitive- made me think that maybe I wasn’t good/smart enough, and questioned my abilities * Emotional- made me extremely nervous about failing * Behavioural- | “You will succeed because you’re an intelligent human being, strive to do the best you can”. | Every morning when I’m getting dressed the inner critic tells me I “need to look more like the girls on the covers of magazines to be acceptable” | * Cognitive- makes me think I’m not pretty enough, and need to lose weight for people to like me * Emotional- makes me upset, depressed, disappointed * Behavioural- makes me put on make-up, dress up, and watch what I eat | “You are beautiful just the way you are”…show more content…
Listening to my inner coach has made me restore faith in my abilities, is supportive, and leaves a feel-good effect. Session 7 saw us identify areas of our own lives that may be causing stress, which for me is finding a balance between work and university. The belief behind this stress is that I must do well at uni, and give it priority to everything else, but I must also earn some money to survive, so as not to feel as though my partner is ‘carrying’ me. When I thought about the underlying issues of the stress, I realised that it was mainly due to the fact that my time management was lacking, so the plan that I developed to reduce this stress in my life was to prioritise my time better. This plan included: * Telling work that I could only do 2 days a week, being Mondays and Fridays * Getting a calendar to work out when all university assessments were due, so that I always have it out in front of me * Making a timetable of when I’m at school, work and fit home study time into the

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