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The Honorable Judge: I, Sarah K. Hogan, am writing this statement on behalf of Candice L. Smith, whom is currently being tried. Having known Candice for almost ten years, I was bewildered when I heard of the charges filed against her. This incident seems exceptionally out of character for someone as honest as Candice. In middle school, Candice and I were assigned the same teacher, and met for the first time. Not only, did she help me with my studies, but ensured that I did not fall behind in school. As we grew older, Candice became my pillar of strength, in some of my most distressing periods. I have seen her, over the years, help several people in her spare time, and she always has a keen interest in doing something for the community and giving back. I am aware that Candice is being tried because she has uncertainly broken the law, but I believe--if true--it could only be due to bad influence. I strongly feel it would better serve the community, and Candice, that she not be sent to prison. Convicting her to a term in prison would only cause the society to lose a citizen who is a valuable asset, and will only further expose her to bad influences. I have all the confidence in the world that Candice Smith is a good, upstanding, moral person, whom deserves a chance. I humbly ask you to give her an opportunity to set her life back on track, in hopes that a bad decision will not alter her life's direction to an unhealthy state, but, on the contrary, alter it into a beckon of virtue. If you have any further questions, please contact me at (520)-207-7790 Thank you. Yours sincerely Sarah K.

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