Symbolism In The Cellist Of Sarajevo

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The Courage Through The Struggle Imagine a shell coming through the stillness of a once beautiful clear blue sky. The noise is very short and becomes louder as it starts to breach for impact. Certainly not long enough to warn the group of innocent civilians to flee, or at the very least take cover. Before a thought could be made the shell hits and explodes leaving 22 people dead. The civilians were simply hoping to be able to buy some bread for their families, but ended up with the consequence of death. The novel The Cellist Of Sarajevo, written by Steven Galloway displayed the struggle of the people living in Sarajevo during war time. Galloway has written the novel to describe the siege and the hope given from the cellist to the others in…show more content…
The single person in the novel The Cellist Of Sarajevo that did such a thing was the cellist himself. The cellist gave a sense of life to the suffering, cruelty, and endurance of the broken city. The cellist was able to do such a thing by going outside of his apartment and playing his cello. The music was a symbol of harmony and peace to the citizens of Sarajevo; this is why the cellist had such a vital role in the novel. The actions of the cellist corresponded to an act of courage. Even though he did not pick up a loaded rifle, he played beautiful notes that made the noises of the shelling seem to disappear. “He stares at the Cellist, and feels himself relax as the music seeps into him.”(Galloway, 209) This exemplified the effect the cellist had on the city, by giving the citizens the courage needed to get through the war. The toll that was taken on the cellist was him putting everything he had into his music that came straight from his heart, which took a lot of energy. He had played his music with his eyes closed and did not care about dying; the only thing that mattered to him was playing his cello. Since the cellist was able to muster up enough energy to be able to play on each day, the men on the hills were angered with his work. The men on the hills wanted the city to give up on all existing hope, but with the cellist alive there was still always a sense…show more content…
She was a young woman, a legendary sniper working for the resistance. Arrow was a character that displayed the most courage out of all of the characters in the novel because of her values and decisions. She did not enjoy killing people but viewed the men on the hills as enemies, in response Arrow decided to kill them. This was her point of view on the war. She had adopted the name to distance herself emotionally from her bloody work of killing. Arrow was a courageous character, as she put her life in jeopardy to protect the civilians. Arrow became the “defender of hope” when she was told her new task to protect the cellist. At first Arrow became skeptical because she had become tired of the constant killing, but decided the cellist was an important asset to the town and agreed to take the task. Therefore even though Arrow was being hard on herself for the killings, she did what was best for the people around her. Another decision that Arrow made which revealed her morals was when she was appointed to her new commander and is told to shoot at a target. She rebels with the statement, “I’m not going to kill an innocent civilian.”(Galloway 224) Arrow showed the ability to have the will power to go against the man’s order and do what she believed was right. Arrow was the only reason the city of Sarajevo stayed somewhat sane as she kept the legacy of the cellist

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