First Day Teaching

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Imagine you are Miss Caroline. Write a letter to a friend, where you recount your experiences of your first day teaching at May comb County Primary Dear Prue, My first day teaching at May Comb County was a fascinating experience that has enabled me to learn a large amount about the town of May comb and the students in my class. I would have presumed for only the first grade, a large majority of the class would hardly know the alphabet but I was very mistaken. Every boy and girl in the classroom knew the alphabet from back to front, at first I thought this was just outstanding until I realised that the majority of them had repeated the first grade. I’ve learnt that these children do not have patience or respect, while I was trying to teach they a story they were squirming round like pigs. I’ve also learnt to not prejudice about the different type of people in this town, and that some folks can’t afford to even have any lunch! Students in my class such as Scout show courage though, I know I must have been intimidating just after I told her off and yet she still came and told me about how I shouldn’t mess with Walter cause he was a Cunningham. My day has been full of experiences Prue, that I’m sure I won’t forget anytime soon. First of all, I had…show more content…
I have already learnt a variety of facts about this town, and am already starting to feel empathy for children in my class. I have learnt that I know now to never predjuce any tiny fact about Maycomb as the consequences seem to be very serious, for example the case of Walter. If Scout ever dares to let her father read to her outside of school she will be in serious trouble. I hope the class understands me after a while, and that they respect me and are enthusiastic about learning. I hope the class continues to display courage, as that is a important theme of life that should not be ignored. Well till next time
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