Reflective Log on Social Work Practice

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1. Evaluate the development of your communication skills with reference to the literature and peer / tutor feedback. 2. Evaluate how the psycho-social theories informed your understanding of the chosen case scenario A social worker must utilise a variety of communication skills to ensure effective delivery of service levels within the community. This essay will evaluate the development of my communication skills with reference to the literature, peers and tutor’s feedback in the role play I recently undertook as a social worker interviewing Mrs Susan Peters. Furthermore, I will critically discuss how relevant psycho-social theories have informed my understanding of the case scenario which focused on homophobia (Mrs Susan Peters). To provide a short overview of the situation I was presented with in the role play scenario it is important to evaluate the underlying issue. Firstly, I had received a referral about Mrs Peters who had a concern about her grandchildren who moved out from their father’s (Mrs Peter’s son) home with their mother to start a new life with another woman. Ultimately, her concerns were directed towards her belief that a same sex relationship will be detrimental to her grandchildren. I received little information relating to the full back-ground and story of Mrs Peters, however utilising Egan’s skill helper model which discusses techniques that need to be adopted when there is limited information on the referral such as stage three of the model. The technique involves brainstorming, and choosing the best strategy of how to conduct the interview (Egan 2007). Examining the needs of Mrs Peters and evaluating how she felt when talking to the social worker, provides a starting point for discussions. Allen and Langford (2008) make a distinct comment on non-verbal communication, the skill indicates true attitude and conveys how a profession feels

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