Counselling Theory Essay

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Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling Unit Title: K/601/7632 Counselling Theory Unit Summary: Learners will analyse one major therapeutic model to influence, inform and empower their practice as a counsellor. They will also compare other therapeutic models with the major model. Learner name: Claire Bracegirdle Tutor name: Margaret Shacklady Learning outcome 1 – understand a major therapeutic model of counselling Assessment Criteria 1.1 Analyse the philosophy of one major therapeutic model in relation to . Its origins . Historical development to the present day . The people influential in its development Dr Carl Ransom Rogers (1902-1987) and American Psychologist was the founder of Person Centred Counselling back in the 1950’s born in Oak Park Illinois. Rogers attended Teachers College at Columbia University where he engaged in child study. In 1930 Rogers served for the society for the prevention of cruelty to children in Rochester; where he went on to write The Clinical treatment of the problem child (1939), which was based on his experience in working with children. With the years’ experience of working with troubled children, Rogers was influenced in constructing his client-centred approach by the post-freudian psychotherapeutic practice of Otto Rank. In 1940 Rogers became a professor of clinical psychology at Ohio State University; where he wrote his second book “Counselling and Psychotherapy” in 1942. In his book Rogers suggested that the client, by establishing a relationship with an understanding, accepting therapist can resolve and gain the insight necessary to restructure their life. In 1945 Rogers had set up a counselling centre at the University of Chicago where they conduct studies to determine the effectiveness of his methods.
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