Context of Social Work

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THE CONTEXT OF SOCIAL WORK The aim of this essay is to seek to examine the roles,skills and functions of social workers in England and Wales.It will try to identify and discuss current changes in Children’s Services and the Personalisation Agenda in Adult Social Care.The essay will then try to relate social policy to social work,describe and explain some core professional principles and values of social work, and analyse the service user and carer expectations in relation to social work. Social work has been defined as a profession which promotes social change,problem solving in human relationships and to empowerment and liberation of people to enhance wellbeing,(International Association of Schools of Social Work and the International Federation of Social Workers).It is about enabling people to take action for themselves.Banks (2006).Thompson (2009) argues that part of social work is to do society’s ‘dirty’ work.He goes on to say that it involves carrying out tasks that the wider public will give a wide berth,and prefer not to know about or deal with,things like abuse,poverty,deprivation and exploitation.Some key roles and functions are to prepare for and work with individuals,families,carers,groups and communities,to assess their needs and circumstances.Social workers minimise and manage risk to self and others.A social worker is expected to be accountable for their own practice,having subject knowledge,managing,presenting and sharing records and reports with colleagues and other relevant professionals The skill to demonstrate professional competence by researching,analysing and using current knowledge to attain the best social work practice is also invaluable.As such,social workers need to have people skills to be able to work effectively with service users.As Parris (2012) states, being able to assess is a high skill activity
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