Social and Care Nvq3

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NVQ level 3 Unit 302 1.Explain what reflective practice is Reflective practice means: we explore why and who we practice; thinking back over a situation or activity; developing a different approach; gaining insight into a new way of learning. 2.Explain the importance of reflective practice in continuously improving the quality of service provided Reflective practice is important because we can focus on what has worked well and what needs to be improved. Helps us develop greater self-awareness and consider new approaches and learning. And enable a different approach to be applied. 3.Explain how standards inform reflective practice in adult social care Standards inform reflective practice by informing own learning, helping one to think about professional accountability, enabling professional development, providing a way of identifying what is required for good practice. Standards may include code of practice, regulations, essential standards and National Occupational standards. 4. Describe how own values, beliefs systems and experiences may affect working practice Own values, beliefs systems and experience may affect working practice by preventing conflict with others, favouring those who share your values, beliefs systems and experiences, fostering understanding of others’ views and perspectives, and improving communication with others. 5. Explain how people may react and respond to receiving constructive feedback Constructive feedback should include both positive feedback and opportunities for development. People my agree with what is being said, express a desire to improve, ask question, look for reassurance, be defensive, express anxiety over what is being said as a reaction and respond to feedback. 6. Explain the importance of seeking feedback to improve practice and inform development Seeking feedback is important to identify what is working well,
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