Define Generalist Social Work Practice

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As defined in the An Introduction to the Profession of Social Work Becoming a Change Agent textbook, “generalist social work practice is defined as social work practice backed with broad range of training an primarily used to guide and coordinate service” (p.155). To me a generalist social worker basically practice skills to help aid families, communities, groups and individuals with their life problems. There are several types of employment/occupational settings for social work practice. Some are child social workers, family social workers, school social workers, healthcare social workers, mental health social workers and substance abuse social workers. Child, family, and school social workers are pretty much in the same category. Those social workers arrange compensation and social services to develop the psychological and social functioning of kids and their families. By doing so the social workers try to expand the families comfort zone and the kid’s progress in school. The social workers try to help parents, mainly single parents. They help with adoption and help children find foster homes if they have trouble with places to stay. Most kids are abused or abandoned so they have nowhere to stay. For the school social workers, they help children with their health problems; for example, teen pregnancy. They also help with the kid’s behavior problems and they tell teachers how to deal/approach misbehaved children. There are always opportunities in social work practice. There are at least five different opportunities that social workers can work with including: School Social Work which I mentioned above, Child Welfare, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Medical/Public Health. For school social workers, depending on their education, background and location they earn a salary of about $30,000 to $50,000 a year. Child Welfare Social Workers make about $25,000 to
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