Caseworker For Foster Children: Case Study

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Josie's Personal Interview Jess Gonzales BSHS 355 August 14, 2014 Caseworker for foster children Josie works as a county social worker that takes care of children under foster care. She has around twenty children and nine families under her supervision. They have different backgrounds and live in different neighborhoods. Their ages range from one year up too eighteen years. Some of the children live with their parents or relatives while the others live with foster parents. Some live in group homes. When Josie was asked about question two and three she began to go into detail which is as follows. Josie would look after the foster kids under her care, she would visit their schools and confer with the teachers about their performances and behaviors. A number of the children may be facing issues involving their emotions and behavior since they are victims of ill-treatment. Josie also talks about the children’s progress with their caregivers. They also discuss ways of helping the children. It may also be necessary for Josie to make a court appearance to discuss the best interests of the children or to attend a custody hearing. She would also set up…show more content…
The job provides an emotional facet due to the innocence of the children, who should be protected from psychologically distressing situations. This is the commitment Josie and other social workers, who devote their time to help the children. On the other hand, Josie stated the heavy administrative work and case load can also be overwhelming. The time and energy needed to accomplish the work is incredible, which can also cause a lot of pressure. This is essential in order to give the children the opportunity to live a better life in the future. Nonetheless Josie said this would have to be her dislike if she had to have on but loves the fulfillment her job gives in
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