How Does Russell Present the Value of Education?

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How does Russell present the value of education? Willy Russell presents the value of education through Rita’s need to further the education she already has. Rita has lived the typical life of a working class citizen most of her life and works as at a local hairdressers however she has come to Franks open university course as she believes there is something missing in her life. “See, I don’t wanna baby yet. See, I wanna discover meself first.” This quote supports the idea that Rita believes that there’s more to life then what she is doing at the moment, she believes that in order to discover herself and her path in life she needs to further her knowledge and become more educated. Russell uses education as an influence to help bring about these important changes in Rita’s life suggesting the education is highly valued in terms of being able to get somewhere in life. Russell presents the idea that without a large and intelligent sum of knowledge it is hard to achieve your dreams in life or achieve anything further than just settling down and living the expected lifestyle of your social class. Another way Russell presents the value of education is through Frank’s apprehension in teaching Rita. When Rita first comes into Franks office, he is shocked by her willingness to learn having being used to dealing with students whom would rather be anywhere other than his classroom although he doesn’t appear to be please by Rita’s attitude in fact he seems intimidated by her eagerness. A quote to back this up would be “The others manage to get by despite me. But you’re different. You want a lot, and I can’t give it.” This suggests that Frank is aware of the sense of importance attached to Rita’s need of an education; He knows how much this could potentially change her life with the right guidance and he believes that he will fail to do such a thing. This refers back to the

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