Best Way To Learn

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Best Way to Learn? Teachers are at a constant struggle to determine the best, most efficient methods of teaching, so that they may succeed in providing their students with the means to reach their absolute potential. With the technological advancements in today’s society, teachers are constantly debating whether or not to include more technological methods of teaching, methods that would better prepare students for tomorrow, rather than continuing to use traditional methods which cover a wide variety of topics that may not pertain to certain individuals. The conquering of these challenges is pivotal to the prosperous futures of America’s youth in today’s society. In order to provide students with the best education imaginable that would enable them to prosper, it is necessary to combine, or balance, both technological and traditional methods of teaching in the school environment. Traditional methods of teaching are vital to the prosperity of America’s youth because they stress the importance of individualism and independence that is a required trait in the real world. Two of the most controversial teaching styles stressed through traditional methods of teaching are working amongst one another in small groups versus working independently. In today’s economy, there are numerous jobs that require group work in order to benefit not only the individuals but also the work force as a whole by providing a more competent and united front. While group work may be beneficial in certain aspects of the learning environment, group work demotes the sense of identity that is required to stand out in the global job market, or college for the matter. On the other hand, individualistic studies promote a sense of identity as well as provide the means to obtain a sense of self-sufficiency or self-reliance that is desirable in the real world. Although the idea of implementing
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