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Functionalist View on the Role of Education Essay

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  • on February 1, 2015
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Role of education Darcy Fletcher

Functionalists believe education performs two contradictory functions , on one hand they believe that educations prepares children for their specialised role acquired to their skills and potential. So they can perform at the best they can at their role after education. On the contrary they believe society needs to share the same goals and outlook in order to co-operate.
Functionalism is based on the view that society is a system of interdependant parts which is held together by value consensus. Durkheim argued that society has to feel a sense of social solidarity , he believes that without this form of social cohesion , society would be impossible because each person would pursue their own ‘ selfish’ desires. Durkheim transmits the thoughts that education transmits social solidarity by enforcing ones country heritage and history. This shared heritage acts as start of social solidarity for later life. He also believes school acts as a microcosm of society , expressing co-operation and interactions with colleagues.
Talcott Parsons believes that school is a focal socialising agency, acting as a bridge between family and wider society, this is enforced because families and society act on different levels. Within a family a child is giving different jobs based on their age and gender but within schools everything is the same for everyone. Schools and society are very similar that expectations and rules are applied to all and each pupil is judged in the same way. He believes a persons status is achieved not ascribed like within society. Depending on your personal achievement will determine how well you do. He expresses his feelings that schools prepares children from moving on from family to society and how society is meritocratic likewise within education.
However as functionalists see education as society and schools based on value consensus, marxists see it based on class division and capitalist exploitation. Althusser...

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